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Notebook Combination Lock

The Benefits of a Combination Notebook Lock

Realistically speaking, laptop theft or damage can happen to anyone. If you are writing essays in your student residence, crafting your latest novel in your favourite coffee shop, or handling daily business operations at your work premises, your laptop stands the chance of being lost, damaged, or stolen. For some, losing data and sensitive information is the biggest downside when a laptop is lost or stolen. For this, there are various software packages designed to help locate a device or wipe all the data from it when it next connects to the internet. For others, it is losing the laptop itself that is the worst part, and for these situations, the best solution is to ensure that your laptop cannot be physically moved, especially if you plan to leave the room from time to time, or you tend to get distracted.

If you think that chaining your notebook to your workstation seems like an overboard safety precaution, think about just how inconvenient it would be if you lost your device and all of the info saved on it. It’s not just about losing data and the device though, there is also a large risk of your sensitive data being used for identity theft and fraud. Suddenly, chaining your notebook up seems like a viable option, doesn’t it?

The benefits of using a combination notebook lock are many. Below are a few to consider:

  • You can comfortably leave your computer on your workstation or desk, regardless of how many people come and go during the day (or night).
  • Combination locks come with a variety of combination possibilities, which means that you can keep your security features current by regularly changing the combination.
  • Standard combination notebook lock cables are typically 1,8 m long, which means that you can comfortably move your device around the workspace.
  • The combination lock cable is galvanised steel that is sheathed in PVC. This means that it won’t rust or show wear and tear easily. It is also not easy to break or cut.
  • The locking assemblies are manufactured from high-quality commercial grade steel, brass, and aluminium, which means that the locking mechanism cannot easily be broken.
  • A 3-year warranty means that you can have the lock replaced or repaired, or even receive a refund, in the unlikely event of it breaking or becoming damaged.

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