Keep Your Laptop Safe

Use a Desktop Lock for the Ultimate in Laptop Security

Do you spend a lot of time out and about with your laptop, or do you spend time away from your laptop at work? Leaving your laptop unattended at any time and at any place vastly increases the risk of laptop theft. It is therefore essential that potential thieves are deterred with a desktop lock, and there are several types to choose from at Legion Computer Accessories.

What is a Desktop Lock?

We are talking physical security here – while there are software programmes that are also referred to as desktop locks, here we are referring to the physical locks that secure the laptop to a permanent object. Usually, the lock works with a metal reinforced hole commonly found on the laptop or computer monitor that is then anchored with a metal cable, which is in turn fastened or secured to a permanent object, such as a heavy desk, floor or wall.

Most modern laptops will have this security lock hole, although it is usually required to purchase a secure lock for it. Often, these slots are built into the laptop in such a way that unauthorised removal will also cause the removal of some vital component in the laptop, such as the memory module or the battery. Not only does it protect the laptop from being removed, but it also acts as a deterrent to thieves on the lookout for an easy score. They are great at discouraging grab-and-run thefts of equipment. Sometimes, this hardware can be combined with alarms that will sound as soon as there is an attempt to remove the lock without a key.

Security Software

While the removal of the laptop is the number one priority, you must also protect your data, especially if you regularly work with sensitive or confidential information. Several software programs have been developed to lock the desktop and keep the screen away from prying eyes. Other desktop locking software can also include tracing software or other encryption software that will make it virtually impossible for anyone other than the authorised user to gain access to the information on the laptop. It is also possible to install biometric software on the computer that will only respond to particular fingerprints, or even voice data.

If you are looking for a secure desktop lock, give our consultants at Legion Computer Accessories a call. We have a great range of products that will keep your notebook or your laptop safe and secure.