Desktop Security

Desktop Security

Safeguard Your Desktop with Our Security Products

A desktop computer is an asset that a lot of homes and businesses rely on heavily. That is why keeping your desktop safe has never been more important.

In 2018, protecting your software from hackers and cybercrime is vital. While it is possible to take security measures to avoid identity- and information theft, and to protect your software from viruses, no amount of firewalls and anti-malware is going to stop a thief from physically removing your hardware.

Desktop computers are large, and many people assume that their desktop will not be a thief’s first choice, which could not be further from the truth. Desktop computers have a lot of monetary value, and modern-day personal computers are small enough to be carried out during a heist. This is why we, at Legion Computer Accessories, spend our time developing and manufacturing quality products for desktop security. Here are three of our products that are aimed at keeping your desktop safe:

Standard Desktop Locks

Standard desktop locks are probably one of the easier ways to prevent your personal computer from being the victim of theft. This method uses a 1.5m x 6mm galvanised, high-tensile steel cable that runs through the desktop (securing the desktop tower, mouse, monitor, and keyboard) and is fastened with either a custom-pressed washer or anchored to a hard-to-move anchor point, such as a heavy desk or wall. In larger businesses, where only IT specialists control access to multiple desktops, we offer lock housing that can be ordered with a keyed alike option (the same key for all the locks), and the locking device allows for up to 2000 key combinations. The components of this product include a washer, mouse trap, CPU attachment, and a security slot lock. It also all comes with a three-year warranty.

Desktop Box Locks

This product will fit into any small form factor machine, with a standard locking port, and locks the housing with a key. The device is manufactured using commercial-grade mild steel, aluminium, and zinc. The lock secures the side panel of the box, in order to prevent exposing the internal components of the desktop tower to theft. This lock allows for up to 10 000 key code combinations, and a keyed alike option is also available. As with our other desktop security products, our desktop PC Box Locks come with a three-year warranty.

Steel Cage CPU Box

This device is a customisable steel cage, which is made from commercial-quality mild steel, is powder coated, and has dimensions of 440 x 235 x 500mm. This locking enclosure is physically bolted to the ground, and is ideal for high-crime areas, as a thief cannot just pick the unit up and take it. The actual lock system cannot be tampered with, and allows for up to 2000 key combinations, as well as a keyed alike option.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we make it our goal to manufacture and provide desktop security systems that are made from high-quality material. Our customisable devices mean that we can tailor our products to suit your specific needs.