Keep Your Laptop Safe

3 Top Tips on How to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Travelling

Whether going on holiday or travelling for work, most of us carry a laptop or a tablet with us. For many of us, it is our pride and joy, and for others, it is a very valuable piece of technology because of all the information it contains. It can be entertainment and it can give us the opportunity to work wherever we are. It is our communications umbilical cord, and we find it very hard to deal with it when our laptop goes missing or gets damaged when we travel! There are many ways in which your laptop can sustain damage or even get stolen, and here we provide you with some top tips on how to keep your laptop safe while you travel.

  1. Get a good travel case: Under no circumstances travel with your laptop in an ordinary bag or rucksack! This hardware is extremely delicate and can sustain serious damage when it is bumped or dropped. Spend some extra cash on a protective laptop case that is padded and can provide a shockproof container to prevent damage from bumps or drops. Your laptop bag also has to have a container or slot into which the laptop can fit snugly to avoid sustaining an investment shattering injury. Also, separate the laptop from cables and other accessories, and keep these in their own compartments.
  1. Power off: Because even a sleeping computer generates heat, it is essential that the computer is switched off while it is stored in its case. You have to ensure that the laptop remains cool because heat is the number one enemy of your laptop, and can do great damage to the components and the driving force, the motherboard. Especially if the trip is long, ensure that your laptop is switched off before storing it or you may arrive with a fried laptop!
  1. Keep it away from prying eyes: Thieves love laptops because they are easy to steal and very valuable. It is vital that your laptop is kept within your eyesight whenever possible, especially when you are at an airport, train station or bus station. As much as possible, keep the laptop on your person, and ensure that your laptop bag has built in security features that prevent the laptop from being lifted out of the bag. When travelling by car, hide the laptop under the seat or keep it in the boot of the car to deter criminals from conducting the ever-popular smash & grab. Never leave it within sight on the passenger seat! And keep the vehicle locked at all times!

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