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Kensington Notebook Locks

Keep Your Laptop & Data Safe with a Kensington Lock

Have you ever been sitting in a busy public space and working on your laptop, only to turn your back on it for a few minutes… and it goes missing? If this has ever happened to you, it is enough to make you paranoid about security and your surroundings. To ensure that you don’t become a victim, make sure that you have security measures in place for your device.

Keeping your laptop safe is important. Laptops are used almost everywhere nowadays. They are used in corporate environments, in public spaces (restaurants, libraries, hotels), classrooms, and more. Unfortunately, regardless of how aware you are of your surroundings, your laptop could be easy pickings for the opportunistic criminal. This type of loss can be devastating to businesses and private individuals. It is said that the amount of Kensington locks and cables that have already been sold across the globe could actually circle the globe twice. While the Kensington lock is designed to protect the physical security of your device, they are also highly effective in protecting you from losing sensitive data. The cost of losing data can often amount to more than the cost of replacing your laptop.

Of course, everyone wants options when it comes to laptop security and this is something that is available at Legion Computer Accessories. When it comes to Kensington locks for laptops, you have the choice of a combination lock or a key lock. Both of these locks are sound investments for those who wish to provide the ultimate security for their laptops and the data on them. What makes Kensington locks so sought after is the fact that they are designed to last. Only the finest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, and when we say “quality”, we mean it! All of our locks have been tested and meet with industry standards, for your peace of mind and ours. Both key and combination locks have been tested and verified in terms of pull/torque, foreign implements, lifecycle of the lock, corrosion, key strength, and various other environmental conditions. Even though the locking system is advanced, you will find the Kensington laptop lock absolute easy to use. /p>

If you do not already have a security strategy in place for your laptop, don’t wait until it is too late. Now is the time to be proactive about the security of your device and its data. You can buy your own Kensington lock from us at Legion Computer Accessories. For sales, you can contact us directly or buy our products which are readily for sale on and

Don’t compromise on the security of one of your most valuable possessions, whether it may be your own private laptop or your allocated laptop from work. We will help you protect your computer hardware with our accessories. For more product-related information and advice, simply contact us via email or telephone today. We look forward to helping you protect your laptop.