Keep Your Laptop Safe

Why you Should Trust Kensington Locks to Keep your Laptop Safe

If you have a laptop, you probably use it while on the move, in the office, and at home. Because laptops are compact and specifically designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, they can be stolen easily too, and it only takes one swift stranger walking through the office to swipe your laptop. Not only is it the value of the lost hardware that causes distress, but also all the intellectual property that is contained in the files on the laptop. This is why it is very important to have security measures in place that will ensure that somebody cannot easily walk off with your laptop and information.

Kensington locks have built a reputation over a long period and today provide state-of-the-art computer locks for a wide variety of computers and laptops. It is a brand trusted by thousands of companies and individuals to ensure the security of their hardware and information. The lock interfaces with a slot that is commonly found on portable computers and smaller desktop computers. It can also be incorporated into game consoles, monitors and video projectors, and contains a little metal anchor that can be attached to a cable, and this cable in turn is anchored to a desk or any other heavy object. The lock can be activated with a key or combination lock.

Nowadays, this little slot for the anchor is found in most brands of laptops, and sometimes the lock can be installed in such a way that it will also protect other components from being stolen, such as a memory card or a laptop battery. Most of the time, the slot for this lock is marked with a K for Kensington, but some models have no icon and it has to be identified visually.

Of course, no method is impervious to theft, and given enough time, force, and the right tools, they can be cut or removed. It is, however, a very effective deterrent for the most common type of thief, the opportunist, and is very effective at preventing grab-and-run thefts from offices, coffee shops or homes.

If you want to keep your computer and your information safe during your travels or while you work in a location that is not actively supervised, such as a library or coffee shop, we recommend that you use Kensington locks to secure your computer. We stock a range of these outstanding locks at Legion Computer Accessories, and we will help you to find the perfect secure option for your computer!