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Kensington Locks

Kensington Locks by Legion Computer Accessories

If you don’t have physical security measures in place to protect your computers, you could stand to lose a great deal of money. Thousands, actually millions, of rands are lost every year as a result of computer/device theft. As much as 35% of data theft experienced is a direct result of device theft, and 85% of laptop and computer thefts can be avoided if a good-quality physical security device is installed. These are the stats according to Kensington.

Kensington locks have certainly stood the test of time, which is the very reason why we deem them fit to be featured products on our catalogue at Legion Computer Accessories. With 25 years of manufacturing best-quality security products, we believe that Kensington locks are ones that you can trust.

Losing a laptop or computer hardware can be more inconvenient than just having to face the expense of replacing the unit. You will also lose a great deal of data that is stored on the device (this can be very serious for those who haven’t recently backed up their data), which can cost even more to replace and can lead to theft of trade secrets, identity theft, online fraud, and so much more. For this reason, Kensington locks are designed to be relied on.

The range of Kensington locks by Legion Computer Accessories includes keyed locks, combination locks, surface locks, and desktop locking solutions. There are various cable lengths available, so that you can choose the cable length according to your needs. These locks are designed to be compatible with over 90% of devices on the market. With a single physical security product, you can secure your notebook or monitor. The kits include all the components required for the unit to work. All you need to do is install it. All locking components of Kensington locks are manufactured from commercial grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium.

At Legion Computer Accessories, Kensington locks are the desktop and laptop security product of choice. They are highly recommended by the professionals in our team, and if you need any product information or assistance when choosing the right lock for your device, we will be more than willing and happy to assist.

If you would like to learn more about our range or would like to find out where you can purchase Kensington locks by Legion Computer Accessories, view our online catalogue or chat with one of our friendly consultants at today.