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Accessories Every Gamer Should Get Their Hands On, Now!

Most games are a test of skill. You either face the game itself, or other players. The equipment a gamer has can make him more or less effective, which might in turn make the difference between victory and defeat.

If you’re looking to kit out your gaming experience, look no further than Legion Computer Accessories. Here are some laptop accessories from our catalogue that should appear on every gamer’s Christmas list.

A Gaming Mouse

Of course, one of the most important accessories for any gamer is a kitted-out mouse. The Neon
Mouse range will have you clicking away comfortably, and the range of different colours means that you can choose your favourite colour. With optical movement detection technology, you’re sure to stand out from the rest with this crowd pleaser.


External Laptop Gaming Keypads

PC gamers have learned to rely on normal keyboards for most input, but are they really the best option? Probably not. They weren’t built for gaming after all, and as a result, a large number of keys are not within the typical user’s reach.

Our Arokh K-2 Hybrid Mechanical Keyboard is just the box you want under your Christmas tree this year. With features like a mechanical switch, half mechanical key structure, and a rubber dome, what’s not to love about this computer accessories. It also comes in a range of different LED colours and a slick design.

The Ultimate Gaming Headset

Ready to turn up the volume and get your game on? With 40-mm speakers providing an accurate and powerful sound quality, and a high-powered gaming audio experience, this headset will blow your mind. These padded adjustable earphones fully cover your ears and offer maximum comfort, making them perfect when you spend hours in front of your laptop.

They are available with volume control and a microphone switch remote.

The Protective Laptop Bag


Traveling with an expensive laptop and accessories is not an easy task, so you might want to get a bag that has bump and shock absorption. There is nothing worse than a shattered screen or broken parts lying at the bottom of your bag. Make sure that you invest in a top-quality protective carry bag that has space for all your add-ons and accessories.

A bag with lots of compartments for all your gaming parts is ideal, so you know where all your accessories are at all times. Most of our bags are available with a lifetime warranty, so you know it is quality you’re getting.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we have the best laptop bags and carry cases made from top-quality material. We stock the latest Port Designs merchandise, who specialise in gaming accessories and protection.

If you’re serious about gaming and want to take your craft to the next level, why settle for less? We have all these gaming accessories in stock, and more. Visit our product list and browse through our Port Designs catalogue to find everything your heart desires.