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Laptops that are carried around and transported are exposed to a great deal of risk on a daily basis. While having a portable computer is extremely convenient, it comes with its downfalls, with the biggest being that of having to try to keep it protected and safe. Just as easily as your laptop can be carried around, it can also be stolen or damaged along the way. To help curb these problems, many people opt for laptop backpacks. The Port Designs brand from Legion Computer Accessories is a firm favourite for many people.

Port Designs’ laptop backpacks are designed to provide the ultimate protection for your notebook. The backpack features interior storage compartments that are padded to ensure that your laptop does not suffer damage from minor bumps. The compartments are simple enough to access with zippers that are designed to last. The shoulder straps are sturdy and padded for comfort, and to ensure durability and longevity. They are also designed to ensure that the weight of the bag can easily be distributed to minimise the strain on your back and shoulders, and ensure a comfortable experience.

While the laptop backpacks that we feature at Legion Computer Accessories are compact and snug-fitting by design, they also offer sufficient storage space for your laptop, stationery, and a few other extra accessories too. Some of the backpacks we stock also include an LED directional light on the back pocket. These laptop backpacks are designed specifically with the convenience of cyclists in mind.

The range of laptop backpacks at Legion Computer Accessories includes the likes of business travel backpacks, urban and modern backpacks, various compact backpacks, and even laptop backpacks manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (for those who would like to enjoy comfort and convenience, while contributing to a cleaner environment).

In addition to our laptop backpacks, we also stock laptop carry bags and cases, as well as laptop trolley bags. Regardless of what type and style of laptop bag you are looking for, we have just what you need at Legion Computer Accessories. Port Designs’ backpacks for laptops, which are designed in France, are currently distributed in over 60 countries and have been a popular choice for many since 1992.

If you would like to learn more about our range of laptop backpacks and what to expect from our featured products, we welcome you to download our product catalogue or chat with one of our friendly sales consultants. You can reach us via email or telephone at Legion Computer Accessories at any time.