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Being able to tote your laptop around with you without having to physically hold it is like a dream come true, especially for those who spend a lot of time on the road. The world has become so digital that it is almost inconceivable for someone to spend their day without their trusty laptop or other digital devices within reach. And it’s true…we do need these devices to successfully carry out our daily tasks.

If you have been dealing with an old carry laptop for years and want to spruce up your look and your comfort, laptop backpacks are the answer. With a laptop backpack you can stow everything you need, including your laptop, and carry it comfortably on your back. No more neck and shoulder aches from lugging a heavy bag around and more importantly, you will effectively be “hands-free”. You can do more when using this particular type of laptop bag.

At Legion Computer Accessories you will find a variety of laptop backpacks to choose from. One particular laptop backpack that’s a popular choice for many is the Melbourne 15,6’’ backpack. This backpack is manufactured from durable materials and features a variety of separate pockets for storing other items such as documents, pens, cellphone, tablet and more. The straps are well positioned for a comfortable wear and the available colours are simply perfect for the corporate environment, school environment…in fact, any type of setting. The backpacks come from the Port Design range, which is straight from Paris. This brand is both highly functional and stylish, making it a firm favourite for many.

We also offer a myriad of other computer accessories, including the likes of security devices for laptops and desktops, as well as keyboards, headphones, docking stations, and more. Our products are manufactured locally, which means that we can assist with custom products if your company has unique requirements. You can find Legion Computer Accessories products listed on popular online shopping websites, including on and

If you are looking at all your laptop carrier bag options, we suggest that you take the time to discover the many benefits of investing in laptop backpacks from our range. To learn more about your options simply contact us via email or telephone at Legion Computer Accessories today. We look forward to assisting you with all your computer accessory related needs.