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Find Out Which type of Laptop Backpack Suits You Best

You can tell a lot from a person by looking at their backpack. Whether it be the style, the colour, or the function, your backpack tells people about your personality. Here are two of the top of the range backpacks we have for sale.

Laptop Backpacks Made for Adventure

If describing you as a fan of the outdoors is an understatement, this bag was made for you. Made for mobility and commuting, the GO LED backpack has a flashing LED panel which increases visibility. If you’re out on a trail run, enjoying sporting activities or leisure trips, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with this one.

This backpack was originally developed for cyclists, joggers, skaters, and even scooter riders. The backpack increases security and visibility, for day and night, thanks to the flashing LED panel and its light reflective bands. The LED system can display visible navigation signs to inform of direction changes.

The panel is controlled by a wireless remote control that can be placed on a handlebar or in the dedicated shoulder strap pocket. This ultra-light backpack only weighs one kilogramme and is on sale now. It has all the features of a contemporary backpack with padded laptop and tablet compartments to keep electronic devices safe.

It also has a translucent rain cover, protecting the backpack and its contents in case of heavy rain, and letting the LED light flash through.

Laptop Backpacks Made for Business

Looking for a backpack that shouts business and not leisure? Our premium business backpack is sure to have you looking ultra-sleek and formal. It comes complete with three storage compartments and protective pockets, ideal for glasses, tablets, and smartphones.

This backpack has visible light reflective bands for enhanced visibility, a comfortable padded back, and an air-flow system. A removable weather resistant rain cover makes it ideal to do business on the run in any weather. Its features also include a handle and trolley strap for a rolling luggage handle.

What’s not to love about this ultimate business backpack we have for sale?

At Legion Computer Accessories, we have several laptop backpacks for sale, whether it be for work during the week or activities during the weekends. You’ll find more to choose from in our catalogue, including equipment to keep your laptop safe from criminal activities. Contact our helpful staff to find your favourite backpack today.