Keep Your Laptop Safe

Top Tips to Protect Your Laptop While Traveling

For many of us, a laptop is something we simply cannot live without. Whether you’re going away for work or holiday, you know your laptop is going to be part of the baggage. All the reason you should take extra care of it. Here’s how you can protect your laptop bag after you snip off that “For sale” tag.

Laptop Bags Need Padding

Avoid tossing your laptop in any old backpack or carry it under your arm. Your laptop needs a protective case to keep it safe from any bumps and falls. When you travel, you’re going to have to squeeze a lot of things in very tight and small spaces. You need to make sure your laptop bag has plenty of padding for protection from the jostling about that it’s in for.

Turn Off Your Laptop When Traveling

Putting your laptop in Sleep mode is not the same as being powered off. Heat is a computer’s worst enemy. It can shorten your computers useful life or destroy it. It happens all too often that some process keeps a laptop from sleeping, and if you put it in the laptop bag thinking it has powered off and it hasn’t, the heat and lack of ventilation can ruin it.

Take the Necessary Safety and Security Measures

When traveling, you will probably spend a lot of time at airports. This is a great opportunity to go through your emails to kill some time while waiting for your flight. One thing you should be aware of at airports is cyber threats. When you’re wandering between public Wi-Fi networks it’s easy to pick up viruses and malware. Make sure your antivirus is updated or installed and running. Going online for some last-minute shopping or browsing might seem like a great idea, but try not to upload your personal information in a public area.

Take Notes of Your Belongings

Record your laptop’s specifications, including the model and serial number, if anything were to happen to it. This information is crucial in case of theft or lost goods. It’s also advisable not to buy an extravagant bag. These laptop bags are normally the first ones to get stolen. If you’re looking for a quality laptop bag for your next trip, look no further than Legion Computer Accessories. We specialise in providing you with a wide range of stylish and durable laptop bags with a life time warrantee if we find the product is defective. For more information on all the laptop bags we have on sale, contact us today.