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Protecting your laptop involves more than just anti-theft security. If you want to ensure that the device serves you for longer and remains in pristine condition, what you need is a high-quality laptop carry bag. While a laptop bag goes a long way towards avoiding scratches and nicks on the outer casing of the device, it also offers cushioning which can protect it from the negative impact of unexpected bumps and falls while in transit.

At Legion Computer Accessories, our range of laptop carry bags is called PORT and features a world-class design. In fact, PORT first originated in Paris in 1992 and offers a sleek, modern range of laptop carry bags that are not just functional, but fashionable too. The range is quite unique in that the bags are varied to suit a variety of personal styles and preferences. For instance, the range includes a backpack laptop carry bag with rear LED lighting, as well as a 15.6” portable trolley bag. In addition to this, the rang includes a compact backpack bag, and for the ladies who place emphasis on fashion and accessorising, the Firenze top loading case in a deep red colour is a classic and stylish choice.

PORT seems to have thought of it all considering that their range includes laptop carry bags for the ladies, for the avid online gamer, and everything in between. And that’s what makes them such a trusted and loved brand on the market.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we have special interest in computer security products and carry bags. Our main focus is to ensure that our customers can keep their devices safe. In addition to our laptop carry bags, we also feature a range of cable locks for both desktop and laptop computers, and a very stylish wireless mouse range. Other products include gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and cooling pads.

With 19 years of experience in the industry, we have spent a great deal of time developing a trustworthy reputation with the public, as well as with other leading computer product suppliers. While we keep our rates competitive, we offer warranties on all of our products, as well as a “no questions asked” replacement policy.

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