Keep Your Laptop Safe

Secure Your Computer with Laptop Locks from Legion Computer Accessories

It seems that the era of the large, cumbersome personal desk computer has virtually come to an end. Nowadays, the workforce is more mobile and they require mobile computer abilities to accommodate the constant movements of their working environment. The problem with this is that laptop computers have now developed to the point where they are easy and light to lift, which results in many computer thefts every day all over the world.

The damage is not only in the loss of the actual laptop, but usually the most important thing is the loss of the information on the computer. In an office, it can be quite easy for someone to walk by and pick up a laptop – they are designed to be light and mobile in the first place, and the damage caused by the loss of a laptop can be far reaching. There is an answer, however, with Legion Computer Accessories. We provide the ideal solution to your laptop security with our innovative laptop locks!

  • When to use laptop locks: If you work from home, you still run the risk of having your laptop stolen, so it is a good idea to invest in laptop locks to ensure that your computer cannot easily be stolen. Of course, no lock is good enough to prevent all laptop thefts, but getting a lock will certainly deter an opportunist looking for a quick and easy score. In the office, it is an entirely different story. During a normal day in the office, a variety of people will pass through the office, and it only takes a few seconds for someone to walk off with your laptop. The truth is that it is not always unauthorised access that results in theft – it is also possible that a fellow employee could steal your laptop, so the best prevention is for the organisation to invest in laptop locks to ensure that hardware, software and business intelligence is kept safe and secure.
  • Anchor points: Laptop locks are only as secure as the anchor point, and here people usually need some guidance. A lot of office desks have grommet holes especially designed for this purpose, but if your desk does not have one of these, it is advisable to get an attachable anchor that will serve the same purpose.
  • Check your lock slot: Different computers have different types of lock slots built into the computer. Typically, there are three different types, and you have to ensure that you get laptop locks that are suitable for your particular computer’s lock slot. The most common lock slot is the Kensington Security slot, but you have to confirm whether this one is what you need. If your computer has the Kensington slot, you have a good choice of good lock brands, which can range from simple combination locks, to more intricate models that require master keys and codes.

If you want to secure your laptop to ensure that your data, hardware and software remain in place, give our team at Legion Computer Accessories a call. We have all the laptop locks you need!