Keep Your Laptop Safe

Laptop Safe

Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe at Work

There has nothing worse than getting that sinking feeling upon realising your laptop is not where you put it. We have all experienced that terrifying feeling, and it is the last thing you want to be greeted with at work. For many people – who do not backup! – our laptops carry our life’s work, whether it be important personal information or hours and hours of overtime put into projects and spreadsheets. Here are three ways to make sure your laptop is secure at work when you are not around:

Lock Away Your Laptop

The best way to secure your laptop at work is to lock it away in a cupboard. This ensures that your laptop is in a safe place when you are not using it. If you do not have your own personal cabinet at your workstation, lock it in a central room or cupboard that a few close employees share. Some companies install laptop lockers, where you can lock away your laptop after you finished work. If you do not have laptop lockers at your company, maybe ask your facilities manager to look into getting a laptop locker for the office.

Take Your Laptop Home

No, we are not suggesting you take your work home with you, but if you feel uneasy about leaving your laptop at work, rather take it home. This might carry some extra responsibility on your end, but rather that than having to deal with a stolen laptop. Ask your manager if they are happy with you taking home your laptop. Also find out if your laptop is insured if something were to happen to it while it is not in the office. Set daily reminders to help you remember to take your laptop to work; we have all had those moments on our way to work when we realise we forgot our laptops at home.

Do Not Leave Your Laptop Unattended

Heading out for lunch with a colleague? Do not forget to put away your laptop! You might think it is safe on your desk, but you never know who might be wandering around the office. Always keep your valuables locked away when you are not at your workstation. There might be a lot of people coming and going at the office for things like maintenance that you may not be aware of, so rather be safe than sorry.

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