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Tips & Products for Keeping Your Laptop Safe

One thing is for certain, when you buy an expensive laptop that caters to your every digital need…you don’t want to lose it. That goes without saying! Unfortunately, those are the very laptops that seem to go missing and if you are looking for ways to keep your laptop safe, we have a wide range of computer security products that can help you to do just that.

When your laptop is stolen, you lose more than just the device (which alone can be costly to replace). You will also lose all of your information stored on the laptop and, of course, your personal security is at risk as the thieves may have access to your personal particulars and access to your online accounts. While you cannot eradicate the world of laptop thieves, you can limit the risk that you personally face.

Keeping your laptop safe and sound is a lot easier than you think and to help you, we have compiled a quick list of tips to assist:

  • Don’t leave your laptop lying around unattended. Make sure that you keep your laptop in a secure place at all times, even if you are only leaving the office for a few minutes.
  • Invest in a laptop lock security cable to secure your laptop to a desk or similar. In our range, you will find key laptop locks, double headed key laptop locks, combination laptop locks and heavy-duty laptop locks.
  • Think about installing a laptop alarm. Laptop alarms are designed to detect motion or movement of the laptop (either unexpected or inside of a specified range) and then to make an alarm, drawing attention to the would-be thief.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we understand how important it is to ensure the security of your laptop at all times. We stock a range of laptop security cables that will keep your laptop safe, while providing you with complete peace of mind. Our cable locks are designed to lock all makes and models of laptops, and also have lengthy cables to ensure that you are not limited in terms of movement and working space. Our products typically come with a 3-year warranty and we are confident that they will provide the type of security that you want for your laptop.

With Legion Computer Accessories’ help, you can keep your laptop safe with one of our durable and reliable laptop security cable locks. To learn more about our range of laptop locks and to receive a quotation, contact us today.