Keep Your Laptop Safe

Choosing Laptop Safes to Keep Your Laptops Safe!

Most people now use laptops instead of the cumbersome desktop computers, but keeping them safe can often be a challenge. Storing multiple laptops, or even one at home or at your business opens you up to crime and theft, and even floods or fires can cause significant damage. While a lot of individuals and companies now opt for storing their intellectual property on a cloud system or with an external provider, it is still necessary to keep the hardware safe. Here we provide some guidelines on choosing the best laptop safes for your particular needs.

Because there are many different types of safes, it is vital to choose well, and often other items need to be stored as well, such as jewellery, passports or other important documents. Most safes ensure that the items inside are protected from fire or theft, and others even provide a form of water resistance in case of floods. Firstly, you need to know what your biggest risks are in order to find the correct laptop safes.

  • Theft: Because the theft of the laptop is usually the primary concern, many people opt for safes that are anchored or installed into a secure position where they cannot be removed or opened, and the bigger they are, the harder they are to open, or to remove and carry away. Even if the safe is not secured or built in, getting one that is really heavy and difficult to open serves as a good deterrent for potential thieves.
  • Fire: This is a real concern for businesses that store a lot of laptops, and if you need laptop safes that are fire resistant, you need to find a safe that can protect your hardware during any kind of fire. Because the fire department is usually called during a fire incident and they tend to spray a lot of water or other fire retardants on the building to put out the fire, it is probably a good idea to get laptop safes that are also water resistant and can protect the contents inside.

It is also essential that the safe is able to provide protection against heat inside the safe, because computer components are really sensitive and can buckle or stop working once the temperature gets too high. Get laptop safes that can keep the temperature inside the safe constant for about 30 minutes, although you can often purchase laptop safes that can provide protection against high temperatures for around an hour.

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