Laptop Safety

Laptop Safety

Anti-theft System for your Laptop

If you do not already have an anti-theft system in place for your laptop, perhaps it is time to consider it. Laptop safety has become a concern for notebook users worldwide, and with good reason. Losing a laptop not only means losing something of financial value, but something that may contain important personal and professional information that might harm an individual or business when in the wrong hands.

Many people do not realise just how common theft can be, and therefore do not take the security of their laptops seriously. There are measures one can take to keep a laptop safe, such as keeping your laptop by your side every waking minute, but that is just not practical. At Legion Computer Accessories, our main concern is the safety of our clients’ desktop computers and notebooks. We therefore provide a variety of products designed to protect this hardware from theft.

One range of products, which we are proud to boast, is our notebook locks. These include our key notebook lock, double-headed key notebook lock, combination notebook lock, heavy-duty combination notebook lock, and executive combo lock. These locks work by using cables (galvanised, sheathed steel) with a locking assembly (made of commercial-grade mild steel, brass, and aluminium) that loops around a permanent object like a workstation, or a hook in the floor or wall. Our notebook locks are able to lock all laptops, monitors, and hardware that come with a standard Kensington Lock slot. Other components included in these locks, include a table clamp with a screw, as well as foam spacers. Our laptop locking devices come with up to 10 000 key locking combinations, and most with a keyed alike option, as well as a three-year warranty.

Part of a laptop’s appeal is how mobile it is, which is the same reason it is so easy to steal. Our locks provide a way to secure your laptop to something immovable, which deters criminals from quickly grabbing it and disappearing. Locks are just one important aspect of laptop safety, and there are many other precautions one should take to avoid theft:

  • Carry your laptop in a nondescript bag (no electronic labels on it) that easily blends in with other luggage when travelling.
  • Never leave your laptop unattended in areas, such as hotel rooms or coffee shops.
  • Consider investing in a laptop security alarm that plays a loud sound when it is unplugged or if motion of the laptop is detected.

Have a look at Legion Computer Accessories’ online catalogue for a range of products that can help you ensure the safety of your personal computer hardware, and give you peace of mind.