Keep Your Laptop Safe

6 Top Tips for Laptop Security at Work and During Travel

Most people now use laptops at work or at home, and during the day, there are often times when the laptop has to be left unattended. Nobody wants to drag their laptop to lunch with them, as this is a hassle, and on top of that, it just increases the risk of the laptop being stolen. During the times that the laptop is left unattended, laptop security is of the utmost importance. Often, companies have guests and visitors strolling through the office, and this can sometimes lead to computers being stolen or important information being unlawfully acquired. Here are some tips on laptop security in the office and home.

  1. Get anti-theft devices that will secure your laptop to your desk and prevent it from being removed. There is a wide range of these devices and you will find one that is perfect for your laptop at Legion Computer Accessories. Laptop security devices, such as cable locks, alarms and tracking software, are good places to start!

  2. Use a carry case that is unobtrusive, yet specifically made for carrying laptops, without drawing attention from those who may be on the lookout for laptops to steal. If a backpack is used, ensure that there is a secure pocket for the laptop and that it can be locked. A lot of well-designed laptop cases now have security devices built into the bag to ensure that the laptop cannot be removed by unauthorised persons.

  3. Never leave a laptop unattended if it is not secured to a desk or a security point. If you are in a hotel and leave the room, either take it with you, lock it up in a cupboard or put it in the safe.

  4. When travelling, keep the laptop as hand luggage and never check it in with your luggage! This vastly increases laptop theft when the bags are being handled and loaded.

  5. If you have a lot of confidential or sensitive data on the laptop, you have to ensure that this is backed up onto a USB flash drive or other storage device. It is also recommended that you use specific industry encryption software to ensure that no unauthorised entry can be gained to the computer.

  6. Never use the “save password” feature on the laptop, as this can give just about anybody access to the information stored on the laptop. It is also recommended that strong passwords are used, and that you don’t use the same password for all your applications. Never use birthdates or family names as these passwords may be too easy to figure out.

To keep your laptop secure, follow these tips and ensure that you get all your laptop security devices and secure laptop bag at Legion Computer Accessories.