Keep Your Laptop Safe

Locally Manufactured Computer Locks

Invest in Locally Manufactured Computer Locks to Protect Your Laptops and Desktops

When using a laptop or desktop computer, there is always the risk of it being stolen along the way. Unfortunately, opportunistic criminals are always looking for a way to get their hands on the latest electronic devices. If you do not have physical security measures in place, you could one day find that your computer equipment has gone missing. This can happen in the blink of an eye. If you are going to invest in security products, why not support local manufacturers? When it comes to computer security, many people opt for computer locks to protect their laptops and computers. Locally manufactured computer locks are both effective and affordable.

You can get locally manufactured computer locks at Legion Lock and Cable, which is a local South African company that was founded in May 1998, and was incorporated into Legion Computer Accessories in 2013. The company now has its own engineering plant, and focuses a great deal of its attention on designing and manufacturing a variety of computer and asset security features. These products can be bought directly through our online store and various other stores such as and

One of the greatest perks of buying locally manufactured computer locks, is that any special requirements or custom designs can be catered to with greater ease. In most instances, if a business wants their lock cables to be a bit longer, or want unique components added to the device, the waiting period and complexity of making contact and negotiating with overseas suppliers would render the efforts practically useless. A local company can be easily reached and can offer a shorter turnaround time. Suppliers of locally manufactured computer locks can also honour their return and replace policies more easily than international suppliers.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we offer a full warranty on all of our products. We pay close attention to the market, as well as the demands and needs of companies currently operating in SA. This means that we can always meet the high-standards in product quality and service excellence. We aim to continuously develop our own business, so that we always have the very best to offer our customers. Our main aim is to deter computer theft in South Africa, which is why we need to keep up with the times, and come up with innovative ideas and products along the way.

If you would like to learn more about our locally manufactured computer locks and security accessories, we warmly welcome you to get in touch with us at Legion Computer Accessories. Simply send us an email, or give us a call, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will assist you further.