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All desktop computers and electronics are vulnerable to theft, including your printers, monitors, and external hard drives. No computer is really safe whether it is in a private, public, or semi-public area. If you do not ensure that each device or component is secured to the workstation, chances that it will go missing increase. Unfortunately, protecting your desktop computer and its various accessories is challenging in today’s environment, but that does not mean that it is impossible. One particular security product, the computer lock, is a highly effective and popular security solution. In addition to a computer lock, you can also look into complete computer enclosures, alarm systems, and similar security options.

At Legion Computer Accessories, we feature a variety of desktop security products that are ideal for any type of environment. Here is what you need to know about each of these products in our catalogue:

Standard Desktop Computer Locks

This is the usual go-to product when it comes to desktop security. In our catalogue, you will find that we offer a 1.5m x 6mm galvanised steel cable that is able to secure your desktop tower, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. All of these cables come with a three-year warranty. The locks work in one of two ways. It can be secured with a washer or it can be looped and secured to the workstation. If you have an IT department that works with your desktop computers, you can opt for lock housing with the option of using the same key for all locks. This simplifies things when authorised access to computers is required. The cable itself is made from high tensile galvanised steel, which means it will not be easily broken or cut through. The combination lock on the cable allows for up to 2000 different code combinations.

Desktop PC Box Locks

These PC box locks are designed to keep internal theft to a minimum. The device can fit onto any small form factor (SFF) with a standard locking port. The lock assembly is manufactured from commercial grade steel, zinc, and aluminium. The combination allows for up to 10 000 different key combinations. The option of having the same key for different locks is also available. All desktop PC box locks in the Legion Computer Accessories catalogue come with a three-year warranty.

CPU Desktop Security Box

This CPU box is a steel security cage that can be customised. These are typically chosen for areas where computers are kept in high-risk areas. The device is used to bolt the machine to the floor. The lock system is 100% secure and deters criminals from tampering with the lock. These devices can be set up so you can use the same key, and the combination lock can have up to 2 000 combinations. At Legion Computer Accessories, our CPU desktop lock box’s standard dimensions are 440 x 235 x 500. The unit is made from powder-coated, commercial-grade mild steel.

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