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Wedge Locks

Step Up Security for Your Digital Devices with Wedge Locks

When it comes to computer security, most people think that it stops at antivirus software and safe online activities. Well, it doesn’t. The security of your computer should also include theft deterrents and mechanisms to ensure that the device itself doesn’t go missing. One particular security feature that can help with such computer security is that of wedge locks.

If you are wondering what a wedge lock is, we are the ones who can tell you all about it. At Legion Computer Accessories, we aim to educate and inform people of the best security options available to them, and wedge locks are a firm favourite of ours.

Here’s what you need to know about wedge locks…

Wedge locks are often also called cable locks. They are a physical security feature designed to keep those digital devices that disappear so easily, safe and sound. The lock can be opened and secured by means of a key or a combination lock which is most commonly made of stainless steel to ensure durability. The end loop of the cable is made from thick galvanised steel. While there is nothing complicated about the wedge lock’s design, it is highly effective in any work, school, or public environment.

One of the top reasons why wedge locks are so sought after on the market is their versatility. You can use one wedge lock on just about any digital device, which means that you don’t have worry about matching up certain locks to certain device models.

Whether you are looking for security in the classroom, dormitory, library, office, or anywhere else, wedge locks won’t let you down.

Losing a device can be a costly, unsafe (especially if you consider all the private information you may have on the device) and an inconvenient experience. It is important to ensure that your computer, laptop or other digital devices are kept safe. Not only will the wedge lock protect your device from theft, it will act as a great deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

When looking for wedge locks, it is important that you choose one that’s manufactured from durable materials and are up to the challenge of actually protecting your device should someone wish to steal it. To ensure that you have the best protection possible, we encourage you to consider the range available at Legion Computer Accessories. We are always available to provide further product information and advice and can be reached easily via email and telephone. Ensure that your devices are kept safe and secure with the help of Legion Computer Accessories.